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Adult Groups

Adult Groups

We find that the best way to divide adult life groups is not by age alone but rather by "time in life".  Our adult life groups are currently divided by the age of our children.  Children have so much to do with where we are "in life" and the struggles and issues we face as adults.  Also, with an understanding that not all people have children, our groups also have people who join in with the group closest to their age/needs.  As we grow we will continue to add more specific life groups as to put people together that have similar life situations.


Young Adult

This group is made up mostly of people who have children that are elementary age.   The age range of this group is more vast than you may think as there are many people who have children in this category.


Adult II

This particular group is made up of adults that have children that are high school in age and above.

Woodforest Church exists to link, learn, love, and live as people of impact who serve God in our community.
- Pastor Heath Ferguson