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Where we've been

Woodforest Church started as a dream in mid 2012.  The pastor, Heath Ferguson, was contacted about starting a church north of Houston in one of the fastest growing areas in the country.  After a quick visit in May of 2012 the Ferguson began the process of raising support to move to the Woodforest area.  They made the move from their home in North Carolina to Houston, TX in January 2013.  In March of that year Woodforest Church met for the first time in a home with just 13 people.  Beginning with Sunday night Bible studies in homes the church quickly outgrew the ability to fit in a living room.  There became a need for more space in just a few short months.  In June, God provided a storefront on HWY 105 near Lake Conroe.


Where we are

That storefront serves as the current meeting space for Woodforest Church.  The original space was a simple 3,300 square feet with 2 rooms and an open meeting area for services.  Having growing needs and a desire to have a space dedicated to children's ministry, God provided another space in the storefront to add on to our current space.  Easter Sunday 2014 we added the latest space giving us a total of approximately 5,100 square feet.  As of right now the church has grown to about 60 people and we continue to have visitors every month.


Where we're going

The future is very bright.  To look ahead we must take a quick glimpse backwards.  When pastor Heath was contacted in 2012 about starting the church there was also a matter of land.  The land is a tract that sits north of Stewart Elementary just outside of the Woodforest Community.  It is just over 3.5 acres in size and the best part is that it is paid for.  We are looking towards the day that we will be able to build our permanent facility on our church land that sits 5 miles from where we currently meet.  The projected building project will begin when our attendance and finances allow for us to make a good fiscal decision and upon the Lord moving us in that direction.  The timing will be right and we will build a building that is functional and glorifying to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Woodforest Church exists to link, learn, love, and live as people of impact who serve God in our community.
- Pastor Heath Ferguson