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What to Expect

Perhaps you are new to Woodforest Church, or maybe you are new to the idea of church altogether.  There is a chance that you are new to town and are looking for your new church home.  No matter your backstory or your position in life, you may have some questions as to what you can expect at Woodforest Church.


Below are a few bits of information that may guide you in knowing who WC is and what you can be looking forward to as you join us in worship and study.


What is a typical Sunday like?

Woodforest Church is a friendly, inviting, laid back atmosphere.  Our pastor, Heath Ferguson, enjoys life and it shows in every aspect of the ministry.  The Word of God is of utmost importance and we preach and study it with love and laughter.  The church people are friendly ranging in age from birth to 70+.  You will feel comfortable and a part of the family when you walk through the door.


When are services and studies?

Our most common service times are listed in the Times and Directions tab.  You will find that we offer services and studies on Sunday as well as a couple of more time through the week as studies are constantly ongoing.


What do I wear?

At Woodforest Church you will see everything from casual to business attire.  We strive to have an atmosphere that everyone feels welcomed and wanted and that no one feels out of place or rejected.  We would rather you join us for service than stay home because you do not know what to wear.


Is there something for my kids?

Absolutely!  Every service time and class for adults is accompanied by a class or event for kids.  There are special times for Kids Worship as well as children's classes.

- Woodforest Kids is designed for children ages birth-5th grade to be involved in worship and learning

- Woodforest Teens is a teen age specific ministry that focuses on the issues and topics that teens are facing today


What if I take someone's seat?

Don't worry about that at all.  Sit wherever you feel comfortable.  No one at Woodforest Church has a claim on a seat and we will even let you save a seat for your family and friends.  Everyone is welcome and no one is stealing a seat, ever.

Woodforest Church exists to link, learn, love, and live as people of impact who serve God in our community.
- Pastor Heath Ferguson